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ABC Radio – Pauline on Brandis 2


pauline brandis 2                                                         



Senator Pauline Hanson supports  comments made by Federal Attorney-General, George Brandis criticising the Queensland opposition.


Senator Brandis yesterday described both the Queensland opposition and government as “very, very mediocre.”


Senator Hanson says both sides of politics in the state are lacking.
CART: You will only get good government if you have got good opposition. And that’s the problem.

ABC Radio – Pauline on Brandis 1


pauline brandis                                                          



Pauline Hanson has backed claims by Attorney General George Brandis, that there’s a lack of leadership in Queensland politics.


Senator Brandis was captured on microphone yesterday describing both the Queensland opposition and the government as “very, very mediocre”.


In an interview with the ABC, Senator Hanson has denounced both major parties, claiming they’re out of touch.
CART: The major political parties have just completely ignored them, it’s like they are of the elitist. They don’t understand what the people are thinking. They’re not even interested.

ABC Radio – Nicholls on Brandis 2


nicholls brandis 2                                                          



Queensland Opposition leader, Tim Nicholls, has defended his party against criticism by Attorney-General, George Brandis.


Senator Brandis accused both the Queensland opposition and government as being ‘very, very mediocre’.
Mr Nicholls says the comments by Senator Brandis are simply untrue.

ABC Radio – Nicholls on Brandis 1


nicholls Brandis                                                  



Queensland Opposition leader, Tim Nicholls, has hit back at criticism by a federal colleague that his party is underperforming.


Yesterday, Federal Attorney-General, George Brandis, said the Queensland opposition was ‘very, very mediocre’.


Mr Nicholls has defended his party’s performance, saying many achievements have been overlooked.
[CART] I strongly disagree with what Senator Brandis has said. We have been active and effective here in Queensland. We’ve won a by-election in the seat of Toowomba-South, we’ve seen the departure of an agricultural minister, we have defeated Labor’s vegetation management laws.

ABC News – U.S. Navy with Aus Biofuel


US navy biofuel                                                          

James Jessup

The Premier has met with the U.S. Secretary of Navy to discuss the next steps in a biofuel supply agreement.

James Jessup reports.


CART: On the opening day of One William Street, Premier Palaszczuk met with U.S. Secretary of Navy, Ray Mabus, to discuss furthering a biofuel supply agreement for the U.S. Pacific ‘green fleet’. I think it’s been a fantastic initiative to have the ‘green fleet’ and once again welcome to Queensland.

Secretary Mabus has made it a priority to move the U.S. Navy towards renewable energy: one of the things that I’ve made a priority is to move the navy off fossil-fuels.

The agreement will aim to supply the U.S. Asia-Pacific Fleet with alternative fuel that is compatible with their current petroleum-powered systems. James Jessup, ABC News Brisbane.

ABC Radio – Autism Intervention


autism intervention video                                                         



An online video series is now available for parents navigating the early stages of an autism diagnosis for their child.


Austism intervention foundation, A.E.I.O.U, has released the series to combat misinformation in the digital age.


Foundation CEO, Alan Smith, says the videos use entirely evidence-based principles to help parents.


CART: what these videos will give you is some hope. And, if families can access quality early intervention early then they have a much better chance of that child being able to transition into a school environment.

ABC Radio – Aged Diary 2


aged diary 2                                                          

james jessup


Victims of elder abuse now have a new tool to inform themselves of their legal rights.


An informative diary, released by Aged and Disability Advocacy Australia, simplifies complex legal terms and provides contacts for free legal advice.


Geoff Rowe, C-E-O of A-D-A Australia, says the diary gives hope to victims of elder abuse who have no one else to turn to.
CART: But certainly we’re hearing from many people who are experiencing abuse as older people and often unfortunately that abuse is being perpetrated by family members.

ABC Radio – Aged Diary 1


aged diary 1 [published in Widebay]                                                

james jessup


A new tool for victims of elder abuse is set to help seniors and their families better understand their legal rights.


The ‘legal topics for older people diary’ will provide simple explanations of legal rights by removing jargon and simplifying concepts.


The CEO of Aged and Disability Advocacy Australia, Geoff Rowe, says that releasing the diary is partly a response to a rise of elder abuse reports.


CART: we’re seeing an increase in the number of notifications of elder abuse, whether that means that’s actually an increase in the prevalence or whether it’s just that people are more comfortable in reporting it, we’re not quite sure.