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Something hit me!

The first thing that hit me, once I had settled into the Qantas Lounge, was that it in fact was Christmas. Well, it was nearly Christmas. So it wasn’t a fact at all. But what is a fact was that it is Christmas time. The lead up to it anyway.
It is a festive season.
As I sat perched above the plebs of the airport, overlooking the economy class warriors – of which I was one – I noticed a dazzling display of light emitting diodes on plastic shaped into a large evergreen. Except it was white. I thought to myself, yes, this is Christmas. If this isn’t Christmas, what is?

Christmas. Christmas is Christmas. We have already covered this.

Anyway, I suppose my point is this: I have been so overwhelmed by my senses these last few weeks that I forgot to realise that this is meant to be a happy time of year. For me, HOWEVER, IT HAS been anything but. Sorry I hit caps lock accidentally and didn’t back space because I thought it was funny. It is funny how things happen that you don’t expect, but that seem entirely preventable. I laugh out loud when life throws curve-balls. Shortly after having a panic attack and potentially crying. Maybe. Eventually though, I laugh.

I am about to embark! I am a captain of the skies! Yeah, that wasn’t a great linking sentence (or two). Here I am, sitting in the Qantas Club, and all I can think about is how I am about to sling my bag across my back, in a pack not a sack, and travel to London. That is my first destination, not including a three hour stop over in Dubai. Because I fully expect to be using that precious time to make my way to the correct terminal for the second leg of my journey. If the terminal is far away I expect to hire a camel from Amul so that he may chariot me to my gate while all the other passengers clap and cheer because there is a camel walking in an Airport. Nay, sprinting, galloping. The camel will be called Greg.

Eventually I will land in London. Which is where I might write something else. For now, though, I am enjoying a complimentary pass to the Qantas Club with complementary complimentary alcohol.